Contact for bookings enquiries

Emergency contact number for booking enquiries from 16 July 2018 to 4 August

If your enquiry relates specifically to a date in this period you will need to contact Tony Davies, the General Secretary, either by e-mail at on 01934843951, for a response. If a phone call is not answered at the time leave a message for him to get back to you as soon as practical.

Enquiries for hiring after 4 August revert to the normal bookings procedures set out in the bookings page of the web.

The hall is not available between Monday 6 August and Saturday 11 August

This is because the building is the closed to hirers to allow the refurbishment of the rooms and the annual service of equipment.

Bookings Secretary

Shelley Frost, 12 Fair Hill, Shipham. BS25 1TH
Telephone 01173 182 357

Shipham Village Hall is run almost entirely by voluntary helpers with the aid of a very limited number of hours of paid assistance but high standards are set.Please appreciate that you may not receive an immediate answer to a request for information.

You will normally receive a faster and fuller response to your bookings enquiry by e-mailing it to setting out brief details of which rooms you may wish to hire and when, or any other query you may have.

If however you would still prefer to make a phone call please ring 01173 182357. If your call cannot be answered it will be directed to an answer phone that is checked frequently. If this happens please speak slowly when giving your information and leave your name, contact number and brief details of your enquiry together with your e-mail address if possible.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances our bookings clerk will call you back or reply by e-mail fairly promptly as soon as it is practical to do so.

Contact for all other enquiries

Trust Secretary

NA Davies Callow Cottage, Cuck Hill, Shipham, BS25 1RD
Telephone 01934 843 951

Please note: the trust secretary does not have information to provide answers to bookings queries.