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Founding Trustees

Founding Trustees, Officers, Trustees and recognition of long service

Founder Trustees

  Founder Trustees   Served until 
  Stan: S T Bethell  20-Apr-1988
 Daphne: D M Brock  29-Mar-1977
 Tony: NA Davies  Still serving
 Bill: W E Johnson  29-Mar-1977
 Margaret: B L M Jordan  29-Mar-1977
 Ken: K E W Perry  29-Mar-1977
 Fred: F W Ward  29-Mar-1977

Officers of the Trust

 From - to  Chairman Secretary Treasurer
1975-1981Ken Perry Stan Bethell  Tony Davies  
 Wallace Litten 
Stan Bethell   Tony Davies 
 Wallace Litten 
Ken Perry 
Tony Davies 
 Wallace Litten 
 Barbara Palmer 
 David Rogers 
1988-1989 Wallace Litten Janet Klutentreter  David Rogers
 Wallace Litten 
 Ron Moore 
 David Rogers 
Tony Davies 
Ron Moore
Amanda Firth
 Tony Davies 
 Helen Riches 
 Martin Eastland 
 Tony Davies 
 Helen Riches 
 Peter Downing 
 Tony Davies 
 Sally Herring 
 Peter Downing 
 David Worker 
 Tony Davies 
 Peter Downing 
 David Worker 
 Tony Davies 
 Ken Chalk 

Independent Trustees other than officers elected at Trust AGMs

 Pat Benson Tracey Bisdee John Boreham *
 Nora Boreham * Diana Burgess * Roger Chalwin *
 Irene Dunhill Martin Eastland * Bill Elliot
 Paul Edwards Chris Farnham Ian Firth
 Paul Forrest Nick Hansford Geoff Hoyland
 Helen Ingleby * Olive Litten * Richard Manning
 Sue Morris Barbara Palmer John Moorhouse *
 Joan Nicholson * Christine Prince Phil Radley *
 Keith Scanlon Colin Smith Gloria Tyson *
 Bob Urwin Val Wade 
Officers are also trustees and are as set out in the previous table 
* Also served at some time as a representative for village organisations

12 years’ service or more by 3O November 2017

 Jan Agate * Stan Bethell Ж Ray Burgess *
 Tony Davies Ж Peter Downing Ж Paul Edwards Ж
 Maggie Fiske * Sally Hansford * Nigel Mallet *
 John Moorhouse Ж * Joan Nicholson * Ken Perry Ж
 Keith Scanlon * Gloria Tyson * David Worker Ж
Note: Ж Trustee elected at trust AGMs; * Representing an organisation 
 Hall Manager: Tony Packer Web Master: Dave Oakey

Trustees elected by village organisations since 2004 as their representatives

 Active Living Elizabeth Palmer
 Photography/Badminton John Willes; Jeff Brewster
 Cinema club Sally Mason; Jane Sanders
 Friends of Shipham School Carol Davenport; Maxine Winby; Linda Jones; Liz Hallett; Mel Edmonds; Molly Hitchcock 
 Friendship Circle Noreen Lerant; Jean Edmonds; Ian Sutton
 Football Club Steve Dodd
 Gardening Club Brenda Moorhouse; Ruth Ardron
 Guides & Brownies Sally Hansford
 Historical Society Ray Burgess
 Parent and Toddler Group Kate Meadows; John Prince; Joanna Tasker;Debbie Wright; Rebecca Wilson; Louise Holley
 Rowberrow Parish Church Maggie Fiske
 Shipham Allotments Rebekah West
 Save the Children Lunches Jan Agate; Kate Baldock; Maggie Fawcett
 Scouts & Cubs Helen Ingleby; Sam Peake
 Shipham Parish Church Nigel Mallett; Tim Hawkings
 Shipham Players Martin Eastland; Daniel Jeffery; Jane Dawes
 Wine Information Group Rosemary Knight; David Ardron
 Women’s Institute Helen Stickland
 Co-opted: Shipham Parish Council Tina Dodd; Paula Hotson-Moore; John Popham

Other trustees for organisations with service before 2005 

 Mrs M Barrow Mrs June Branch Mrs Joyce Butcher Mr Maurice Burnett
 Mrs Diane Calcraft Mr Henry Carey Mr J.Cotterell Mrs Edith Darvill
 Mrs Brenda Davies Mrs Jenny Edwards Mrs P. Farnham Mrs M Freeman
 Mr Alan Garrett Mrs Susie Gunn Mr David Hall Mrs T Hewish
 Mrs Doreen Hurrell Mr Peter Jones Mrs Shirley Kent Mrs Julie Lunn
 Ms Kate Meadows Mrs Rachel Midcalf Mr Fred Molyneux Mr Ron Moore
 Mrs Y Mortimer Mr J Mortimer Mrs J Newton Mrs Joan Nicholson
 Mrs Sue Ovenden Mrs Cynthia Phillips Mrs Peg Reed Mr Doug Raven
 Mrs R Reynolds Mr Dave Rogers Mrs J Russell Mrs A Sturrock
 Mrs Joy Youill