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Steering Group

New hall steering group contributors

Initial formation in 2002

 David Worker (chairman) Diana Burgess
 Paul Edwards Rosemary Knight
 John Moorhouse Jeannie Oakey
 Jane Sanders 

Visitors to recently completed halls

 Ray Burgess Martin Eastland
 Sue Ovenden Rosemary Knight
 David Worker 

Fund raising and/or furnishings selection

 Sheila Eastland Andrew Fairhurst
 Maggie Fiske Sally Hansford
 Roger and Rosemary Knight Sally Mason
 Rachel Midcalf Jeannie and Dave Oakey
 John Prince John Willes
 Maxine Winby Heather Worker

Supervision of the build and equipment installation

 Paul Edwards Tony Davies
 John Moorhouse David Worker

Development of the Hall’s website

 Dave Oakey Francis Edwards

Assistance with agreement for transfer of land from Shipham Football Club

 Jack Hobbs