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Shipham Village Hall News April 2021

We hope all our regular users and their families have stayed safe and well and will be ready to enjoy the facilities at the hall once the regular classes and events return.

The Impact of Covid

The latest government regulations will permit the hall to reopen for general use on 17th May but social distancing must then continue at meetings until at least 21st June.

The hall was finally able to reopen from the beginning of August 2020, but hires did not restart immediately given the continuing Covid restrictions. Then just as bookings began to move towards normality the government announced a new shutdown from 5th November that at the time of writing this is not planned to be lifted until 17th May 2021.

By then hall will have been continuously closed for more than 6 months without the ability to generate any hire income, compared to approximately £16K hire income that would normally be expected for this period. Fortunately government grants received in June last year covered much of the earlier shortfall in the rentals and the latest grants already received or proposed should offset much of the latest loss of rental income until the hall reopens on 17th May.

We are looking forward to seeing our village hall back into full service for the benefit of all and without restrictions as soon as possible. To arrange a booking you can contact our bookings clerk most efficiently by email at shiphamhall.bookings@gmail.com. If this is not feasible you may leave a telephone message on 01173182357.

The annual report of the trustees

This and the approved accounts for the year ended 30/06/20 were filed with the Charity Trustees in February 2021 and copies are available at our web site www.shiphamhall.co.uk .

Information on the village hall web site

If you are newly arrived in the village you are invited to visit the web site for details of all the regular meetings of village groups and others and full details of the hall and its facilities.

There are also sections on the site that describe:

  • How the Hall trust managed to build the hall by July 2005 with the aid of the sale of the two existing halls in village and securing grants and the trust has remained debt free ever since.

  • Details of those who have been trustees since the Trust was formed in1975

  • Others who assisted in getting the hall built

  • Related village history

Tony Davies 8th April 2021

Shipham Village Hall News for Feb 2020

Hopefully those of you who visit the hall or walk by will have enjoyed the lovely display ofplants and flowers since the replanting of the beds last spring.

The hall is being well used and there are now extra regular classes for Pilates, Stott Pilates, Body Conditioning, Strength & Conditioning, and Shimmy & Tots sessions.

As usual the whole hall was refurbished in late summer with all rooms redecorated. Professionals have polished the room floors, deep cleaned the kitchen, and serviced all doors, windows, and equipment. The periodic certification of the electrics was attained after a few changes to meet the enhanced requirements of the latest regulations. All the rooms now have blackout capability when using a projector.

In the last year we have spent £10K to make substantial improvements to keep the building warm. Roof insulation was more than doubled. More powerful radiators and a circulation pump were installed along with better control valves and we have installed a new boiler.

In November £9k was spent to replace all the padded chairs with new lighter to handle chairs that have deeper padding for the seat and back support. The old chairs were all sold.

If you are newly arrived in the village please visit http://www.shiphamhall.co.uk to see the extensive information available about the hall and its facilities, the regular meetings, how it was built and paid for and related village history.

Tony Davies 10.02.2020

Shipham Village Hall News for Feb 2019

The hall has been well used in the last few months with plenty of parties, quizzes, and the first New Year’s celebration for some time and the panto were particularly popular.

There has been a major overhaul of the hall’s heating system with some modifications applied. We hope this has overcome the problems experienced last winter and the hall is now staying cosy. We are running heating continuously at present, monitoring hourly temperatures and assessing the cost.Please help to reduce costs and maintain the temperatures required by two simple actions at the end of a hire would you please close the curtains and also adjust radiator valves that have been turned down back to levels 4/5 or max so the next users do not shiver.

You may have noticed the patio planters have been emptied and replaced with new top soil and compost. Once the harsh winter conditions have gone a bark top dressing will be added and they will be replanted to give an all year round interest.

Once the weather improves both areas of matting in the childrens’ play area are to be replaced and during the works the play area will be totally closed to anyone other than the workers. Notices confirming the dates it will be closed will be displayed on the fencing and/or gate. Please be sure any of your children that may sometimes use it without supervision are aware of the danger and know to stay away.

On Sunday, 3rd March we will be hosting a ‘Clubs and Societies Event’. Join us at the hall between 2-5pm to discover the wide variety of activities offered by the organisations in and around thevillage. There’ll be more than a dozen stalls sharing information about what they do – as well as getting to know what goes on; you may find something that you can sign up for. Refreshments will be available. For more information or, if you would like to run a stall at the event, please contact Steve Dodd on 843660 (Go to www.shiphamhall.co.uk/whats-on/regular-group-meetings to see the meeting times of organisations)

The AGM of the hall trust will be in the George Thiery room at the Hall at 8pm on 16th April. All villagers are welcome to attend. (Look out for the more detailed notice)

Could you be an occasional “personal skill” donor?

Your knowledge of the requirements of a trade or a profession could be an invaluable help to the

management committee without the need for you to volunteer as Trustee. Please consider assisting the committee by donating just a few hours commitment on an “as needed basis” as and when convenient to you. Even if your interest is only limited please contact Tony Davies on 01934 843951.